Navigating business after baby [episode 50]

January 16, 2024

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Today I am recording my very first episode since having a baby! I am already starting off strong with some behind-the-scenes and honesty around how things are going. The questions I’ve been getting a lot are about having a baby and it’s only fitting that on my first official episode back I talk about navigating business after having my baby girl in October! Please note this episode is applicable to many situations that are about preparing for and learning lessons while taking any time away from work, not just for maternity leave.

In today’s episode, I’ll answer these six questions on navigating business after baby: 

  • What helped most when it came to preparing for maternity leave?
  • What do I wish I had done prior to maternity leave?
  • Why didn’t I use up all the prep time that I had for maternity leave?
  • What have I learned since having a baby?
  • How has/will things change now that I’ve had a baby?
  • I talked about not wanting kids at one point, how did that change and looking back what would I tell myself in that moment?

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