How I 5x’d my instagram story views [episode 51]

January 23, 2024

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One of my most frequently asked questions when it comes to Instagram is how to increase story views. I am always telling you to sell and share offers on your stories and you’re wondering how to sell when you have low story views! In today’s episode I’ll dive into five tips that helped me grow from 2,000 average story views to 11,000 average story views.

In today’s episode, How I 5x’d my instagram story views, I’ll cover: 

  • What average views are based on following size
  • How and when to implement stories using interactive features
  • How to use Call to Action statements to drive traffic to your stories
  • How to best utilize your “Start Here” highlight to keep followers viewing your stories
  • Why getting people to add you to their “favorites” feed so your content ranks higher in their home feed is important
  • How to use Call to Action statements such as “DM me for xyz” is a game changer in gaining more story views

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