IG University

Spend less time on ig, see TRIPLE THE results

Here’s the truth. I won’t promise you 100k follower growth in six months… because everyone’s journey on IG is on a different time frame. There’s a chance you are tired of investing money in your business and yet still find you don’t have a successful strategy that nets growth. Maybe you have grown your following, but it hasn’t been the growth you desire… You have a passion to encourage, inspire, and help other people and you are doing all the “right things” on IG but you aren’t seeing your hard work actually yield results.

You already know that other product and service based entrepreneurs you look up to are crushing it with their content strategy.. And chances are, that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

The biggest hurdle I see other entrepreneurs that keep their business at a complete standstill is the question:

“Where do I even start?”

If you’re on this page, there’s a chance you have the same question, don’t you?!

Choosing the wrong strategy won’t just send you in the wrong direction, it will give you a completely different outcome.

I get it, because I was there too! 

You scroll each day and you see all of these IG gurus telling you every strategy under the sun. You feel encouraged getting the free information, but when you get to implementing you feel LOST and confused on where to even start (kinda like a pinball game).

Which in return makes you have less confidence, anxiety, and a lack of energy.

All of this increases your imposter syndrome and fear and makes you feel as though even if you decided to post you are at a loss because your IG strategy is non-existent.

You think it might take thousands of dollars and posting 20x a week to find success, but what’s truly missing is intentionally working one day at a time.

Can you relate to this...

What might haunt you is the fear of investing in the wrong course, posting the wrong thing at the wrong time, which in-return causes most entrepreneurs to not even start at all.

The algorithm and spending hours on the platform doesn’t need to be a dark cloud hovering over your every move.

Imagine this...

Imagine waking up with a clear strategy of what you need to do on instagram in order to grow

Imagine attracting your dream followers every single day

Imagine creating an account that is quality, eye-catching, and well branded. This will help you stand out from the crowd

Imagine building a community of engaged followers and not having to side on the sidelines hoping that engagement comes

Imagine a future where you create content ahead of time, spend less time on Instagram and triple your engagement, growth, and other results

Take a Look Inside


  • immediate access to ALL content in IGU 
  • weekly trending audio
  • access to Reel Talk while subscribed
  • save $20 yearly
  • access to trainings on TikTok and Pinterest



  • immediate access to months 1-6 content
  • weekly trending audio
  • access to Reel Talk while subscribed


$235/6 months

  • access to new trainings every month
  • weekly trending audio
  • access to Reel Talk while subscribed



-IGU Student Love-

Why IGU?

IGU is the first step towards hitting your goals. It is continually updated and evolving just like Instagram is. The trainings are jam-packed full of information yet they are short and to the point because I understand that you don't have hours each week to spend on Instagram, let alone watching trainings. 

The membership is designed for the busy entrepreneur who has a million other things going on but recognizes the power of Instagram and wants to take advantage of it.

& guess what? When you join, you'll get access to a FB group for additional support + 1-2 monthly live calls and so much more. So you don’t have to grow alone— we’re all in this together, Instagram updates + changes and all.

Bonuses when you join:

Expert guest speakers

Not only will you learn from me, you will also have access to guest trainings + teachings.

Value: $4000

REel Talk

Get access to over 40 additional videos teaching you the ins and outs of reels + transitions!

Value: $247

group coaching

Join 1-2 monthly group sessions hosted on Zoom. All are recorded & uploaded to the membership.

Value: $5000

Trending audio

Get access to weekly trending audio + ideas on how to jump on each trend.

Value: $24/month

I see you...

You’re wanting to grow on Instagram but don’t have hours to spend researching & testing how to do it. You don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on a course. You don’t want to be like everyone else on Instagram, you want to stand out and be unique.

If you’re here now, it’s because you’re ready to level up your Instagram account & I'm ready to help so let’s do this!!

okay, I'm in

"Thank you so much for the call yesterday!! You literally helped me break through so many things and get clarity. Instagram has such an emotional component (imposter and worth come up a lot!) and your reframes shifted the way I was looking at it. So excited that I'm part of the IG University, and all that I'm learning from you!"

Myla Leinweber

read more testimonials here

IGU is different than any other Instagram growth offer out there because...

It's a membership so it is always evolving just like instagram is. it is always updated with the newest changes.

There are expert guest speakers every month that teach on topics outside of Instagram growth

This membership is affordable for those at every stage of their journey! No need to drop $2k on a course

There is a Facebook group for collaboration and networking and there are live calls each month where you can ask questions and get feedback.

Ready To Spend Less Time On IG And See Triple The Results? I’m Here To Help!

Hi, I’m Mya Nichol! Instagram marketing and growth expert, wife, dog mom, and adventure junky. In the last 12 months, I’ve worked with thousands of online entrepreneurs and have grown my business from $2K months to $30K months!

What started as a nursing student wanting to have a job outside of a 9-5 in 2019 because my bank account was basically empty…

…eventually became growing to 166K followers, 15x my income, and educating thousands.

Once I started growing my account, I was shocked at the many opportunities entrepreneurs have on Instagram. I saw what could be, so I devoted my time and energy into finding the best practices, tips, and strategies to help other's grow on social media as well.

The exciting part? I've compiled all my knowledge, skills, and expertise into this membership  (I'm sharing the exact steps of what helped me get to where I am today)!

Mya, Show Me How!

If you’re wondering if IG University is for you…

  • You are an influencer or blogger (IGU is for product/service businesses)
  • You want the magic pill that’s going to grow your account overnight
  • You are looking for 1:1 coaching
  • You already know ALL the in's and out's of Instagram
  • You have time to keep up with all the new trends + continual IG updates
  • You like spending time creating posts & seeing no result
  • You want to join a course where you get access to every training at once and up front

This isn't for you if...

  • You want to build a community and not just a following
  • You are open to learning & growing
  • You want to make 2023 your biggest year yet
  • You feel overwhelmed with where to start & how to grow
  • You are ready to 10x your engagement + growth
  • You want to collaborate and learn with others
  • You're a business owner/entrepreneur
  • You want a system that is proven to give you real results

This if for you if...

I’ve broken it all down

Did someone say BONUSES?!

  1. 30+ Transition tutorials
  2. Facebook community group
  3. PDF Guides
  4. Tutorial Library
  5. Reel updates
  6. Apps and Tools

Of course I have some extra goodies for you!

The 12 month modules of IGU will completely transform the way you approach your business, but that’s only the beginning.

After joining IGU you’ll also get immediate access to Reel Talk, my comprehensive 10 unit course, to make your progress and success even faster and easier!

a $247 value absolutely free with your enrollment of IGU.

IGU isn’t just another “grow your social media” course… It’s a 12-month transformation process that will take you from...

shy, overwhelmed, and imposter syndrome filled entrepreneur 

to a confident, consistent, and community-driven CEO.

Step 1: Learn

What it truly takes to build a successful brand without worrying about hitting 10k followers (w/ LIVE calls each month)

Step 2: Implement

A simple yet effective month by month strategy that gives you time to become an expert in each skill before moving forward

Step 3: Feedback

To encourage you along the way. To give you freedom to not worry about hitting 100k followers in 60 days and truly find a rhythm that works for you and your lifestyle (with sales to back it up)

Step 4: Repeat

The strategies you have learned each month to build upon a strong foundation for success on IG (and yes, with strategies that get updated as the platform changes)

A 4-step process for the product/service based entrepreneur breaking down the massive overwhelm of learning a successful content strategy and turning it into a step by step plan that works for your busy lifestyle:

The self-paced yet hand-holding plug and play strategy session you’ve dreamed of investing in.

Proven strategies. Real life results.

"IGU has been a huge sigh of relief for me! As a content creator, I was overwhelmed trying to piece together a bunch of random information from YouTube and Instagram. Mya has created a membership that is easy to consume and implement! Her knowledge has helped me push out more content with LESS stress and is helping me convert profile visits to followers. It has been a great investment!"

- kassidy @kassiesbooks


The Quickest Way To Optimize Your Account

Through reels, bio optimization, content planning, and navigating your insights.

And identifying your ideal follower/client.

Through posting time, content pillars, and repurposing content.

SEO, content strategy, and direct messages.

The Truth About The Impact Of A Niche

How To Build A Brand Without Burnout

The Secret To The Algorithm





Discover How To Create Content That Converts

With hashtags, content ideas, and instagram guides.

Alongside your CTA strategy, collaborations,
and DM scripts

With caption writing, hooks, and feed posts.

Throughout your strategy, cross-promoting, and managing comments.

The One Secret: Increase Your Exposure

The Truth About Writing To Increase Conversions

How To Reach More People





A Proven Process For Creating A Life-Long IG Community

Utilizing Instagram ads, getting verified, link in bio feature, and 30-day story challenge

And increase sales to scale and save time with marketing tool tutorials.

Using photography, lighting, & editing. 

On tiktok, FB, and pinterest to get the highest return on your time and investment.

The Time Saving Strategy To Market Your IG 

How To Create High Quality Content 

The Secret To Repurposing Your Content




Note: if you purchase the monthly subscription, you will only get access to 1 month of content at a time. WITH the 6-MONTH subscription you will get access to months 1-6 content. if you purchase the yearly subscription you will get access to all content.

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside IGU once you become a member!


What is the difference between the monthly, 6 month, and yearly plan?

The monthly subscription will give you access to new content on a monthly basis (every 30 days). This means you will only get access to one month of content at a time. The 6 month subscription will give you immediate access to 6 months worth of content, if you renew your subscription after the initial 6 months you will get access to the second half of the content in IGU. If you purchase the yearly subscription, you will get immediate access to ALL content in IGU. You also save $$ by purchasing the yearly subscription.

*For best results, I recommend 12 months in the membership.

Can I cancel my membership?

If you purchase the monthly subscription you are required to commit to 3 months in the IG University. After your 3 month commitment is completed, you can cancel at any time by emailing support@myanichol.com. If you purchase the 6-month or yearly subscription you may cancel at any time by emailing support@myanichol.com. Note: there are no refunds granted for any purchases.

Couldn't I figure this out on my own? Do I need to spend $$ on this membership??

Yes! You definitely could spend HOURS researching, testing, watching videos + reading articles, trial +error, and then doing it all again every time there is a change on Instagram. OR you can invest in IG University and get access to the strategies that have allows me + so many others grow our communities by the thousands every month! By joining IG University you will save time + $$, avoid all the mistakes I made, get access to resources, trainings, and tools that will accelerate your growth x10 faster than if you tried to figure things out on your own. Plus you'll get to hang out with me 1-2x a month LIVE! Ready to take the guess work out of Instagram? Let's do this!

Can i upgrade To other plans?

Yes! You can upgrade by emailing support@myanichol.com. Example: upgrading from monthly to yearly to unlock all of the content inside of IG University

Why is there a 3 month commitment for the monthly subscription?

If you have a goal of getting abs and you go to the gym for 1 month, odds are low that you are going to have abs. Why? Because results take time. Now if you go to the gym for 3 months you're going to get closer to your goal. If you go for 6 months you might hit your goal or be really close. If you go for 12 months you will not have only hit your goal but surpassed it AND hit other goals too.

The same concept applies to Instagram growth. 1 month of learning and implementing isn't enough time to hit your BIG goals. Because of this, there is a 3-month commitment to IGU to help you commit to your BIG goals and get you on track to hit them.

What if I need 1:1 help?

Inside IGU you will get access to the Facebook group where you can ask general questions that my assistants will respond to and network with other students. You are also able to ask questions during the live calls each month. On top of that, there is an option in the membership to book a 1:1 call with me for an additional cost if you are wanting personalized feedback and support.

what is the difference between igu and an instagram course?

IGU is a membership that is ALWAYS being updated vs. a course that isn't updated. This model makes sense because Instagram is always changing and being updated so I wanted to create an offer that would also evolve. I also want IGU to be a resource that you can tap into whenever you are needing help or want to know how to take advantage of features and updates on Instagram. 

Will IGU work for my business?

  • Photographers
  • Network Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Course Creators
  • Social Sellers
  • Copywriters
  • Web Designers
  • Wedding Planners

IGU is great for any entrepreneur or small business owner. If you're trying to grow your business on Instagram, this membership is for YOU but here is a basic list of who this would be perfect for!

(This is just a few examples of who IG University would help)

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Social Media Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Graphic Designers
  • Etsy Shop Owners
  • Health Specialists
  • Product Shop
  • Accountant
  • Florist

"IG university is fire. The way everything is structured and presented. So so helpful. I am a busy mom that is about to launch her own business and I'd love to spend as little time as possible on social media but at the same time I wanna learn how to reach my audience. I am looking forward to learning more about IG thanks to your help."


Are you ready for change?



Have you spent hours trying to figure things out on your own? Have you had too many frustrating days & nights wondering what a strategy is and if you’ve actually built one? Are you done being confused by the 100’s of different “experts” advice? Then IG University is for you!

I'm ready to dive in

It’s time to build the community of your dreams!!

  • immediate access to ALL content in IGU 
  • weekly trending audio
  • access to Reel Talk while subscribed
  • save $20 yearly
  • access to trainings on TikTok and Pinterest



  • immediate access to months 1-6 content
  • weekly trending audio
  • access to Reel Talk while subscribed


$235/6 months

an abundance of followers who are like-minded, ready to support, and excited to engage!

  • access to new trainings every month
  • weekly trending audio
  • access to Reel Talk while subscribed




Created for YOU!

This self-paced membership program with group support will help you take your Instagram to the next level. With small yet powerful tangible tasks each month, I designed this membership to minimize overwhelm & make sure that you learn + implement before moving on!

IG University will change the way you see + approach Instagram growth. After 12 months in IG University, you will know how to confidently navigate Instagram & adjust your strategy so you can continually see growth + engagement 

I'm in, sign me up!

Bonuses Included in IG University:

  • Reel Talk (reels course)
  • 1-2 Guest Speaker Calls educating on topics outside of Instagram growth
  • 1-2 Live Calls per month including Q&As, live audits, trainings, and more
  • Canva Templates
  • Presets for Lightroom Mobile
  • PDFs + Worksheets
  • Facebook Group page for asking questions + networking
  • A continually updated membership so you always know what's going on with Instagram
  • Option to add on a 1:1 coaching call with Mya for an additional $450 usd

You have two options:

Option #1:

You can choose to struggle and try to figure this Instagram thing out yourself the hard way…


Option #2:

You can join us inside of IG University and spend the next 12 months building an Instagram account that is optimized for growth and supports your business and goals. Seeing real results day after day and receiving continual support on your journey.

what's it going to be?

If you're ready, tap the button below, fill out your information, and get immediate access to pre-recorded trainings! For easy access, download the "Kajabi" app on your phone and log into your account so you can take the membership on the go! 

I'm ready!