Hi there!
My name is Mya Nichol

I am so excited to help you with your instagram growth and monetization

Small town soul, big time dreamer

I grew up in a town of 3000 people and graduated with a class of 140, if I can work on social media full-time & grow 100k followers in 6 months, so can you

Turned nothing into a lifestyle

I never thought my journey would go the way it has. I set off for college to be a nursing student but felt unfulfilled. I started exploring other options & the online world drew me in.

Before I knew it, I was dropping out of college to work full-time on social media and that's when I set out to grow my Instagram account. After a lot of trial & error my account grew 100k in 6 months. Now, my goal is to help you experience the same type of growth on Instagram (organically of course) without spending hours on the platform everyday. 

Ready to hit 10k this year?

It's time for you to shine

I know how it feels when you've tried everything yet, nothing seems to work. Every "expert" seems to share a different strategy and new "hacks" come up daily that never seem to get you anywhere. You want to grow but you aren't seeing results so it makes showing up consistently hard.

I believe that Instagram growth should be FUN so I combine strategy with tangible tips that you can implement daily + you will ALWAYS stay up to date on the latest trends and news!

Ready to start seeing results?

There's no way I could do any of this alone!

Tiffani bouwhuis

Tiffani is my right-hand woman! She turns all of my ideas into a reality. She creates all of my freebies, graphics, and helps with Trello resources.


He is the best work distraction and the cutest lap dog + work buddy.

Abby manawes

Abby handles all of my email creation and marketing! She is a copy-writing genius and is the first person I hired onto my team!


Gabe is not hired help by choice but being my husband he gets to listen to all of my crazy ideas and supports me day in and day out. He's my built-in cheerleader

Get to know me more...


my hubby and my dog named
Covid are my world


i love everything neutral colored from clothes to pictures to decor


nichol is my middle name, my official last name is gilleland


my favorite activity is wake-surfing & hiking


my 2 Favorite places i've visited are CROATIA & costa rica


I'm a sushi lover to my core! but i also love a good taco


I love listening to coldplay, the fray, & jack johnson