3 IPAs that I do daily to move the needle in my business

November 11, 2023

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Today’s episode is for you if you’ve ever found yourself saying:  

-I’m working everyday but I’m not getting anywhere.

-I’m doing all the things and I’m drowning.

-I don’t know what to do to make money.

-I’m working long hours and I feel like I’ll never be able to cut back, or if I do, my business won’t survive.

I found myself saying all these things at the beginning of 2022 that forced me to audit and rethink how I was doing business.

I ended up asking what my most important tasks are to focus my time and energy on. Learn the 3 IPA’s (incoming producing activities) I do daily to move the needle in my business:

  1. Content, this is how I get eyes on my business
  2. Selling on Instagram stories daily and using emails to sell
  3. Customer experience, I need make sure I take care of my people

IPAs stands for income producing activities. Activities that directly make $$$ 

Your business needs $$$ in order to operate. If you are a business you have to make $$$ or else you’re just a hobby

You have to focus on creating revenue and income. What tasks directly result in sales?

My biggest IPAs

1- content (this is how I get eyes on my business and when I show up I will continue. My goal everyday is to put out 1 piece of content out on 1 platform). Content is my visibility strategy but here’s the thing. Posting content alone isn’t an IPA — posting content that drives traffic to an offer is an IPA though

2- selling on stories daily and using emails to also sell — content is for visibility but if you aren’t selling then you’re basically throwing darts at a board with a blindfold on hoping that someone lands on your offer. Passive email funnels 

3- customer experience — really making sure that I am taking care of my people. making sure customer messages get responded to in a timely manner. making sure that I am checking in with my clients. making sure that my customer journey systems are working. Follow up messages, collecting testimonials, asking for referrals, getting clients to continue into another offer 

Other IPAs a business could have (every business is going to have slightly different IPAs):

-posting or updating ads

-updating or adding to an offer/sales highlight

-posting a sales piece of content

-working on a brand collab

-responding to DMs/emails with questions about your offers

-posting a case study or testimonial

-free training that pitches an offer at the end

-adding an upsell/downsell to an offer

-being a guest speaker in someone else’s community

-creating or updating a passive income funnel 

-building your email list

How to find your own IPAs?

1- track your week and then look at each activity you do 

2- ask yourself if that activity is directly leading to sales. If you aren’t sure if it’s leading to sales then look into it further

3- separate your day to day tasks into IPAs and non IPAs

Now that you know your IPAs, it’s time to plan your day around IPAs!! First things you do every day, no exceptions. 

You don’t have to do allllll of your IPAs everyday but you should shoot to do 2-3 everyday!

When you know what to focus on these tasks this is how you start making more and working less

This doesn’t mean your other tasks aren’t important though, everything plays a role but some tasks have a heavier weight than others and if you want a successful business you need to focus on the tasks that are moving the needle in your business

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