Spoooooky things in the online space

November 11, 2023

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Happy Halloween! In today’s episode, we go spooky! You’ll hear a quick history on Halloween and then I share my opinions on issues in the online industry. 

I dive in to each of these “spookies”: 

  1. People saying that they are multi six figure business owners when they haven’t made that amount in a one year span, they’re saying that as a career total.
  2. People saying that you have to invest in coaching to be successful.
  3. People not paying their bills even though they committed to their investment.
  4. People who use value-based pricing.
  5. People who share that they’ve unlocked a new level as a way to sell their new offer.
  6. People who use click bait hooks that are misleading just to grow on social media.
  7. People who talk about passive income like it’s a create it once and then leave it and never touch it again type of offer.
  8. MRR- master resell rights (go listen to Ep 34 “The tea on master resell rights” to learn more)– people claim it’s easy and you’ll make a lot of money.
  9. People who don’t use contracts and terms of use when selling their offers.
  10. People who dispute payments instead of just talking to the business owner.

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