How I’d navigate that part 2

November 11, 2023

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If you haven’t listened to Part 1 already, it is Episode 12 and it is FIRE! A few weeks ago I posted a question box in my Instagram stories that said “give me different situations that come up in your business that you want my advice or perspective on”. In Part 1, I broke down ten of those different situations. In today’s Part 2, I’m going to break down ten additional situations and how I’d navigate them.   

This is a valuable series, there’s so much tangible information that you can walk away with. I often share scripts, different step-by-steps and resources.

In this episode, How I’d navigate that part 2, we cover ten different situations:

Situation #1: Someone is copying you.

From copying your Instagram content or branding a few times, to a bigger scale of copying your offerings or structure, I share how to handle it. Check the resources for a link to a copyright infringement form on Instagram and legal resources.

Situation #2: A customer who is not great with communication suddenly blames you for her own misunderstanding, but also your policies didn’t explicitly state the things that she is arguing about. But also she’s being rude.    

Navigating this situation with the thought that the customer is always right, your feelings are valid and learning how to approach and learn from it all.

Situation #3: How to navigate an unhappy customer/client who is never happy and always wants more.

I’ll share how knowing how to approach situations before I get them, really helps me go into them with a level-head. Having a plan keeps us prepared and eliminates doubts in our  skills.

Situation #4: Freebie Seekers

This is so common in the online space. It happens every day in my DM’s and emails. There’s a difference between question askers and freebie seekers.  I share some ideas on how to set boundaries and respond to people wanting freebies.

Situation #5: How would you navigate a low income month.

I have had low income months, I’ll share my experience and how I look at the bigger picture of yearly goals instead of month to mo nth. My worth as a person isn’t tied to the income of my business. 

Situation #6: When a client or student second guesses your knowledge or advice.

This situation had me stuck. I want to remind people I’m the expert, but a more productive approach will open the lines of communication.

Situation #7: Booking and rescheduling policies for live coaching calls.

I’ll share how I set clear policies and manage different scenarios that happen with live coaching calls.

Situation #8: People enrolling, paying, and coming to some coaching sessions and then dropping off.

Making sure offers are keeping people engaged and taking a look at how you are checking in with your clients are just a few of the thoughts I share.

Situation #9: Someone wanting a discovery call when you don’t offer any, what is the best response?

This can be an easy fix and there are ways to still help someone.

Situation #10: Trolls on social media.

I have so many things to say, but I hold back! Ignoring them is the best bet but I share a little more on how to navigate the trolls.  

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