The tea on master resell rights

November 11, 2023

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In today’s episode I give a quick behind-the-scenes update on my podcasting setup in my closet that is helping me batch episodes as I am preparing for maternity leave!

I also share my thoughts on master resell rights. I have been asked by several of you what my opinion is and what the pros and cons are. This topic seems to be a trend right now and I have gone back and forth on if I should record an episode around it. I decided I wanted a permanent place where I could share my thoughts on this because this will be something that will come back up again in a few years. 

In this episode you’ll find: 

  • What are master resell rights
  • Why is there new hype about it right now
  • What the difference is between affiliate marketing and master resell rights
  • What my thoughts are on using master resell rights as a get rich fast plan
  • Why having unique offerings will take you to the next level

Okay first let’s talk master resell rights —

First off let me explain what this is for those who haven’t heard all the commotion

MRR (not to be confused with monthly recurring revenue which I thought someone meant when they asked me about it the other day😂) allows a buyer of a course to resell the course, as their own, as well as the rights to the course

Example: I sell a course that as master resell rights. You can buy it and then you can then market/sell that course as your own. You can add to it (but the original content I add, has to stay inside) or you can keep it as you bought it. Anyone who buys the course from you then can do the same and so on and so forth. 

You are not required to resell the course you buy but it’s optional

Master resell rights isn’t new though people are making it seem like it’s new. It’s been around for a long time — so old fad, new take

Now for what’s going on right now with MRR right now — so you can offer resell rights with really any type of offering… ebooks, courses, videos, etc. (not 1:1 though). But the hype/craze right now is specifically around one marketing course that people are buying and reselling. 

Here’s my thoughts…

People are buying something that hundreds to thousands of other people are buying. Everyone who buys can make copies and resell those copies & then everyone who buys those can resell too. 

So what does this lead to? Market saturation.

If everyone is selling the same exact thing, marketed very similarly (because they are going to implement what they learn in the course because the course is on digital marketing) and everyone is claiming it as “their own” then it’s all going to look exactly the same

The big thing for me though is…

1- people looking for instant gratification. if you want to buy the course to learn about digital marketing, great. But the way it’s being marketed is as a business opportunity and not a learning opportunity. Like buy it and then sell the crap out of it and make money and it’s “easy”. I saw some marketing that literally said “building your own course takes time and work, master resell rights is a way to make money by selling something else that someone has made”. You may not have to make the offer but just like any offer, you still have to sell it and selling is, in my opinion, one of the hardest things to learn. + Youre not making money off of your students reselling the offer so why not just create your own offer and have an affiliate program for it?

2- if you really want to build a BRAND that stands out and build something that lasts (like long term successful business) you want to build something that is unique and your own. If you want to be seen as a leader in any industry you have to be an innovator, disrupter. Do something different. 

Difference between MRR and affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing you aren’t allowed to market the offer as your own or make changes to the offer. Affiliate don’t own the offer. As an affiliate you promote the offer on behalf of the business. By promoting the offer you make a % of the sales commission — usually 10-30%

Master resell rights you own the offer and can make changes to the offer. You also get to keep 100% of the profit & don’t have to refer customers to the business (like in affiliate marketing) because you are the one selling the offer as if it’s your own

The biggest difference between affiliate marketing and master resell rights is the ownership of the offer and the profit

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