Relationship building on Instagram: 5 methods  [episode 55]

February 20, 2024

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Today’s episode celebrates the one year anniversary of the launch of Radical Disruption, so I have to thank you! To celebrate one year, don’t miss the last keyword in this episode for my fun giveaway! If you need more info on that, listen to Episode 53

This episode is all about relationship building on Instagram. I’m going to run through five ways to build relationships and these will be quick, easy and very tangible things you can implement on your Instagram account.

In this episode, Relationship building on Instagram, the 5 methods I dive into are:

  • Ask questions in response to the direct messages that you get
  • Ask for people’s opinions and feedback
  • Lean into the things that you do often
  • Get honest and vulnerable (includes three prompts to guide you)
  • Share your beliefs

5 ways to build relationships on IG:

1\ ask questions in the DMs. When someone responds to a story or tags you, instead of just saying thanks ask a question. Take the time to show that you care! 

2\ ask for peoples opinions and feedback. I did this the other day on my stories when I shared my office and what my plans where and asked for advice on what I should do. People feel connected when you do this. Shareholder

People LOVE sharing their opinions and thoughts. If you’re not getting very many DMs try this a few times a week and watch your community interactions increase

3\ leaning into the things that you do often- Think about hobbies you have, routines, loves/hates, and share those things but something I’ll say here is you don’t need to share it all. Choose like 5 things you do often or come up often that are easy (key word, easy) to talk about and share those things. For me, I love going on walks and I share that often. People will tag me on their stories when they go on walks because i post about it so much it makes them think of me. It’s the little things that help people feel more connected to us. If you have a dog and you post about it and one of your followers has a dog, you now have a personal connection point

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Okay now back to it…

4\ getting honest and vulnerable – i don’t know about you but the people i feel most connected to in my life as the ones that aren’t afraid to share failures and mistakes they’ve made and also not afraid to share their thoughts. Same applies to instagram. Now im not saying share your deepest darkest secrets but do share what’s going on. There’s a great reel from one of my 1:1 clients that I’’ll share a link to in the show notes that does this really well:

3 prompts for things you can post about on stories today to get honest and vulnerable:

-what is the last failure you had, big or small, talk about it on stories and share two things: how you overcame it and what you learned from it

-what is something that you teach people to do that you’ve also struggled with yourself either in the past or currently? Talk about how you’re currently navigating it or have in the past

-what is something that is being talked about or being taught or done in your industry that you disagree with?

5\ sharing your beliefs – what things do you believe in, in and outside of your niche? What mottos do you live by? When you share those things and followers have similar beliefs they are going to feel more connected to you and if they don’t have similar believes you can still influence them and help them get to know you better

Abigail Peugh and I were just talking about how Milkmaid farms makes us want to drop everything and start a homestead and that’s a perfect example of this point in action. Selina shares her beliefs about food and how it’s easier and cheaper to make it and raise it yourself and Abigail and I feel connected to her because she shares her beliefs 

not every account makes you feel like you’re connected to them so think about the ones who do and what they do different. 

A few accounts I follow that I feel connected to + a few reasons why:

-@the.blonde.chronicles – Carly shares this thing on stories multiple times per week where she eats Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and talks about it and reviews the different kinds and I love watching her stories to see what she’s going to share

-@karrie_locher – Karrie is very active on her stories and also very open with things about motherhood and every-time i watch her stories i feel like im sitting down to chat with a friend

– @honeywavecreative – bailey is so good at taking you along her day. Everyday she shares the websites she’s worked on and I love tuning in to see them. On her feed, her reels showcase her personality and they always bring a smile to my face

note how I feel connected to them all for different reasons? Carly for her fun cheesecake journey each week, Karrie for her honesty around motherhood, and bailey because of her personality. 

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