How to 10x your email list growth this year  [episode 54]

February 13, 2024

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Today’s episode is all about growing your email list. If you do not have a goal this year to grow your list, I am setting the goal for you! Every time I talk about email marketing I get the question “do emails really work”? The answer is yes, it’s one of the most important assets you can have as a business owner. In this episode I will share 8 strategies and techniques to increase your email list.

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In this episode, How to 10x your email list growth this year, I’m diving into these 8 strategies:

  • Lead magnet swap
  • Be a speaker at an event
  • Be a speaker in an online group 
  • Be a podcast guest
  • Host a masterclass with someone in an adjacent niche
  • Add a CTA on feed posts
  • Have a pop up on your website
  • Have your freebie linked in your announcement bar

Hello and welcome back to radical disruption! 

All of these are about sharing your lead magnet and not just a link to an opt in form

So the pre step to implementing all of the things I’m about share is having a great lead magnet

Best performing lead magnets:

-unique PDFs


-private podcast episodes



The key is to do something enticing 

Also I should say that if I say freebie or lead magnet I mean the same thing. I use those terms interchangeably 

Alrighty now for the meat of this episode, that tactics and strategies to 10x your email list…

1- do a lead magnet swap

Find someone in an adjacent niche to yours and promote each others freebies on your email list

Adjacent niche would be like if you are a fitness coach pairing up with someone who creates healthy meals

OR if you wanna really go wild and crazy get like 5 people together and do a freebie fest where you give your audience multiple freebies to download

2- be a speaker at a summit

A summit is a great place to share your lead magnet and get exposed to a huge audience. There are summits in every niche just type into google your niche and then the word summit. Some of these are in person but a lot are virtual. You can share your freebie at the end

I did this at the ManyChat summit and got 260 new subscribers 

3- be a guest speaker in a group and promote your freebie. This could be a paid group like a membership or a program or a free group like a Facebook group

I am actually doing this in March with the no shame sales game community. Adding free value in the training and then sharing a lead magnet at the end 

4- podcast guest 

Promote the freebie instead of an offer at the end of the episode. Most hosts will let you share something at the end. Really sell your freebie and make sure it’s linked in the podcast show notes

5- host a free masterclass with someone in an adjacent niche 

To enroll in this masterclass people have to share their email and then you and whoever you collabed with can both promote an offer at the end of the webinar, you can share a paid offer that you’ve created together, or bundle your offers together for a discount

6- share about your lead magnet in a CTA on your feed posts

Now something you can do to get more people to potentially enroll is to have the opt in form connected to an email that is directly related to the content of the post 

So instead of a curated freebie — you just have a an email that is written to expand upon the topic of the post. Ex: if you create a reel on 5 meal ideas and your email includes 5 additional email ideas and if they comment a certain word then you DM the link to opt in and get that email

Alright let’s pause this here for a second because I have the second of three keywords to give you for the giveaway! If you have no idea what I’m talking about listen to the last episode for more info! The keyword is: made. M-a-d-e

Okay now back to it…

I wouldn’t do this all the time because it’s a lot of work but maybe 1x a month and it could be a fun way to entice people to subscribe. I had a 1:1 client do this last week and she gained 1000 subscribers from 1 post 

7- have a pop up on your website that collects an email and delivers a freebie. My pop up has brought in 6,500 subscribers. If you have organic traffic to your website this is such a great way to convert viewers into subscribers

8- have your freebie linked in the announcement bar of your website. That very top portion

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