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November 11, 2023

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This episode is all about sharing your wins online. I was recently a guest on a podcast, and the host shared how many of their clients feel uncomfortable and weird sharing their wins online. So today, I’ll be talking about my personal experience and take on why I think sharing wins can be powerful and impactful:

·  I was inspired by two different people I follow on Instagram because they shared their wins, specifically their income in different aspects of their business.

·  Those wins showed me that it’s possible for me to achieve the same.

·  Wins don’t always have to be monetary focused, no matter what niche you are in, there are always wins to be shared- big or small.

·  Sharing my wins is a way to give back and inspire the next person

Three things to think about when sharing your wins:

1) I do think there can be too much on sharing wins. I ask myself what my intention for a post/win is before I share it. If intentions are pure, then I’ll reach the right people.

2) Share your wins with context so people can really understand what it takes to see those same results.

3) It’s good to have your own wins and share them, but you also need to share client wins as well. To build a successful business, you have to raise others up. That is always your goal.

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I was on a guest podcast episode the other day and I was asked about sharing wins and my thoughts on it since many of the host’s clients feel weird and icky about sharing wins

before I jump in, I just have to say that there’s no right or wrong here. if you don’t feel good about sharing wins then you don’t have to, stick to your values and what feels authentic to you and your brand. what I’m about to share is my personal experiences and take on things

alright, Let me give you some back story on why I think sharing your wins can be so powerful

Share about kahlea’s $100k launch and erin may henry making $15k in a week while traveling the world

so how did I know that making huge amounts of money was possible for me? I saw other people doing it who paved the way for me and showed me that it’s possible and then all I had to do from there was simply believe in myself and not give up.

But sharing wins isn’t just about how much money you’ve made. Wins could be a quilt you finished, a boundary you set, a child’s tantrum that you navigated gracefully, weight lost, choosing healthy food vs processed food, getting your house organized, etc No matter what niche you are in, there are wins to share big and small 

So when I hear that people are afraid to share their wins, to me I hear that you’re afraid because of what a few people might think of them. 

Those people I watched at the beginning of my journey (and still follow to this day) could’ve easily said “nah I’m not gonna post this because I don’t want people to think I’m bragging” but instead they chose to believe that the people who were meant to receive that message were the right people who needed to hear it. & I’m so grateful that they had the courage to share 

So now I feel like sharing my wins is a way to give back and hopefully inspire the next person

There are three other things I want to chat about when it comes to sharing wins though:

1- I do think that there’s too much when it comes to sharing wins. My question before I go to post about my win each time is always “What is my intention behind this?” If my intentions are pure, then I know that I will reach the people that I need to reach. Now this doesn’t mean that there won’t be people out there who judge or hate or misunderstand, there always will be no matter what you’re putting out into the world, wins or not. But asking that questions really helps me when those messages do come through because I know that my intentions are honest and pure.

2- context. There are a lot of wins shared on social media without context and this does people a disservice because it gives people an incorrect idea on time frames and that results take time and effort. Like posting I lost 5 lbs in 7 days. Okay but what did it take to get to that point? There’s more to the story. So make sure you’re sharing your wins with context so people can have an understanding of what it really takes to see results 

3- It’s good to have your own wins and share them but you also need to have client wins as well and share those. It’s one thing to do it yourself and it’s another to teach someone else to do it as well. If you really want to build a successful business, no matter your industry you have to raise others up and that should ALWAYS be your goal.

>>>Shoot me a DM and let me know your thoughts about sharing wins and any experiences you might’ve had!!

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