A $200k launch with 6,500 followers w/ Dr. Lauryn Brunclik

November 11, 2023

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I have a very special guest, Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, joining us. She’s a chiropractor, podcaster, speaker and coach who began her career with a passion for helping women and children in her local communities find better health and maximize their expression of life. Ten years into practice after building multiple clinics and leading a large team, she felt a calling to begin helping other female chiropractors find success in their own clinics while still prioritizing their family, core values and passions. She started the podcast She Slays the Day and quickly built a super loyal community within a tiny niche of women chiropractors. She shares how she leveraged her social media and audience to create a high ticket course and bring in six figures on its first launch. Although she loves the vanity metrics that measure success, she’s a fantastic real life example that you do not need tens of thousands of followers to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

In this episode, Dr. Lauryn Brunclik dives deep into her experience and advice on:

  • Creating freedom in your business by implementing delegation
    • People wait too long to hire because of profitability, hyper-control, and lack of time to train.
    • Learning to change your mindset to delegating different aspects of your business with trust helps to scale your business.
  • Utilizing automations
    • Using technology and services such as an appointment scheduling app makes your business more efficient and allows you the ability to hire higher level people to do things technology can’t. 
  • Creating a successful course
    • A success story on how teaching others in your niche can turn into a profitable venture. 
    • What promotion and growth of this avenue looks like without hundreds of thousands of followers.
  • Understanding the “why” in your business
    • Focus on your original, main business to grow.
    • Double down on what you’re passionate about. 
    • Avoid too many distractions.
    • Get excellent at your main business.
  • Being the leader
    • Your mojo and energy is important to your overall business and team.
    • Before you add to your plate, make sure your original business and commitments are nurtured.

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