Leaning into beginner energy

November 11, 2023

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In today’s episode I share how my beginner’s mishap in the kitchen got me thinking about how being a beginner in business and experiencing failures is not only a good thing, but important. 

In this episode about Leaning into beginner energy, I cover:

  • Failure is important to grow, it’s part of the process
  • Being a beginner opens up opportunities for immense learning and growth
  • A perspective shift is how we get to the next level
  • Ask yourself “what are the lessons I need to learn” instead of “what am I doing wrong”
  • Set expectations realistically when you’re a beginner
  • Rushing yourself can cause mishaps
  • Focusing on how to make where you’re currently at easier 

I bought an air fryer during the amazon prime day sale. It’s something I’ve wanted for a really long time now and I’ve been SO excited about it. I planned a whole meal using it including cooking wings and fries using the fryer. I am a pretty good cook. Not a chef by any means but I can follow a recipe. So I had high hopes for this meal. About 10 minutes into cooking I realized that this meal was NOT going to turn out. The first thing I cooked was the wings and the chicken itself wasn’t the right chicken for wings so they didn’t work out. The second thing I cooked was the fries of which I was certain would turn out and they didn’t burn but they get all black and bubbly in the air fryer and wouldn’t crisp up so those didn’t work out either. I was SO frustrated but also had to give myself grace because it was my first time using the air fryer. And it made me think about my first time using my instapot. I tried to cook rice and it was severely burnt on the bottom but the top rice wasn’t even cooked. I didn’t give up on using it though and now I use my instapot multiple times per week to cook and I love it. But this experience made think about business. And how we are so scared as business owners to try something new and fail. when in reality being a beginner is the only way we can get to where we want to go because no one can start 10 steps into a journey even though we all want to. failure is PART of the process, not the end of the process.

so why do we fail?? let me relate this back to business

Sometimes it’s a failure because of the ingredients

-you don’t have the right tools or systems in place

-sometimes failure occurs because the essential components or strategies we’ve chosen just don’t fit together. It’s crucial to assess and adjust accordingly.

Sometimes it is a failure just because you’re a beginner

-you don’t know what you don’t know

Sometimes it’s a failure because we don’t set realistic goals 

if it’s your first time are you going to be an expert???

(talk about how people want $100k months but haven’t gone through the failures to get to those months — they haven’t learned the lessons that they need to learn to get there)

and here’s a powerful shift for you when it comes to working towards achieving something new but also not

instead of always reaching for the next number in terms of income something I highly suggest that you do is ask yourself — how can I make where I am currently at even easier? how can I make making $5k a month even easier? how can I make making $10k a month even easier?

Sometimes it’s a failure because of the instructions (vague or poor instructions or getting info from people who aren’t credible)

-you learned from someone who did something in a way that wasn’t aligned with your values and the way that you 

-Just like unclear instructions or advice from unreliable sources can lead to kitchen failures, the same applies to business. Make sure you’re following credible guidance.

Sometimes it’s a failure because you rushed things 

-Rushing things can lead to failure. Building a successful business takes time, patience, and dedication.

Failures happens, but it’s not a bad thing. There are various reasons why things might not work out the way we hoped but it’s all part of the process

Being a beginner is all part of the process. We can’t jump straight to the advanced level without going through the learning curve first

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