A deep late night thought [episode 58]

March 12, 2024

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Today’s episode is courtesy of a 2am loopy thought! Last week I opened my Notes app to add an idea and there was a note that I didn’t remember writing. In the middle of the night, I had written down a question that became today’s episode topic. I was going to delete the note because the question felt silly, but the more I sat with it, the more I realized how powerful the question can be. This question will have you thinking like an innovator. Listen to hear the question and my thoughts on what it means to me.  

In this episode, A deep late night thought, I cover:

  • What the question was and my thoughts on it
  • What being an innovator means to me
  • I challenge you to consider this question for yourself, and what it means to you, as well

This episode is curtesy of a 2am loopy thought — okay here’s the back story on this episode

On Tuesday afternoon last week I open up my notes app on my iPhone to add an ideas to my content planner and there was a note under the “today” section meaning I had written that note today. I was confused because I hadn’t opened my notes app that day so I tapped into the note and it showed a 2am time stamp on it

So in the middle of the night probably during a feeding, I wrote down a question that became todays episode topic

I was going to delete the note because the question felt silly but the more I sat with it the more I realized how powerful it really was 

Okay here’s the question and yes this is word for word what I wrote down at 2am with zero recollection of it and if you’re watching on YouTube I’ve included a screenshot so you can see the timestamp on the note 

The question was…

If no one had ever walked the way before you, how would you walk the way? 

At first when I read this, I took it as “be original”! Which is such an overused statement and why I thought it was silly but then my mind shifted to 

“Be an innovator” which then led me to think about innovators in the world. The first person that came to my mind was Elon musk and all the things he’s done that have never been done before and I also thought about Apple and how they transformed phones and technology in general honestly 

But then my mind led me in a totally different direction which was the thought around — if I truly only ever posted and never consumed content on instagram, would I change how I showed up?

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that you can’t learn from others. This is just simply a thought provoking question that stopped me in my tracks and really made me think about my approach to business and especially content creation

Like think about Thomas Edison — he wasn’t looking around thinking “oh I wonder what so and so’s light bulb looks like” he had no one else to look at. Like how freeing is that?

I think a lot of times we look to others for inspiration vs looking into ourselves and our own mind and again there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired by others I just think we don’t give ourselves anywhere near enough space to come up with our own unique and original ideas and I also think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the ideas we come up with

What would your business, offers, and content look like if you only could look into your own mind because no one had walked the path before?

What steps are you taking to be an innovator? If any? 

For me, this looks like unfollowing people in my niche

This looks like spending very little time consuming and much more time creating

This looks like doing things that make my soul happy knowing that being creative outside of my business brings creativity into my business 

This looks like spending more time experimenting and testing and getting curious vs just taking others words for it 

I hope that you don’t write off this question like I almost did but instead really sit with it and see what comes through for you

So my question that I leave you with is…

If no one had ever walked the way before you, how would you walk the way? 

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