Learning Instagram part 2: myths

November 10, 2023

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This episode is the second episode of a 3-part series about learning Instagram. Today is all about busting myths. Specifically, I’m busting 14 myths (plus a bonus!) that I see and hear often about Instagram. 

In this episode about learning Instagram part 2: the myths are: 

  • You have to post daily to stay relevant 
  • The shadow ban
  • Switching to a business account hurts your engagement
  • You have to reply to all direct messages or else you’re penalized
  • Instagram only shows your post to 7% of people 
  • You are penalized for leading people off of the Instagram platform 
  • You are penalized for using all 30 hashtags
  • There’s no different between hashtags in the captions vs. hashtags in the comments
  • You can hack the algorithm 
  • You are penalized for editing a caption after posting
  • You are penalized If you delete a reel and then repost it
  • Brand partnerships and tagging accounts hurt how your content/account is ranked on IG 
  • Reposted content from feed to stories decreases story views
  • Who you follow on Instagram affects who can find your content on Instagram and who the algorithm shows your content to
  • What you see on your explore page affects what explore pages you show up on

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