I invested $83,000 into my business

November 10, 2023

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On today’s episode, I’m breaking down the investments I’ve made over the last six months that total up to $83,000. I share this not to brag, but to bring transparency around how I got to where I am and what’s gotten me to this level. 

In this episode about I invested $83,000 into my business, we cover: 

  • Reasons I invest in myself and my business, specifically in masterminds and coaching
  • Questions to ask yourself when you’re deciding on an investment
  • How I decide who to invest with
  • My biggest piece of advice when it comes to making big investments
  • The power of community and comradery 

before I jump into today’s episode i just have a few things I want to say about investments 

the first thing is that you DO NOT have to invest tens of thousands into your business to be successful

I also believe that you don’t have to invest in coaching to be successful— I hear people often saying that without coaching you can’t be successful and then use that tactic to get people into their coaching services

I think that it’s icky and I disagree with that tactic because there are so many ways to be successful 

that being said…

I believe in the power of coaching which is why I’ve invested so much into it and if you think about BIG names in the business space and look into what support they have most are part of masterminds or have some sort of coach. Take Jenna kutcher for example— she participates in masterminds all the time and is very successful and I also believe she’s had many coaches along the way (not all business coaches but coaches in other aspects of life)

another thing that is SO IMPORTANT to me is always leading by example and really embodying what I teach and preach. 

I would never ask my community to pay for 1:1 coaching if I wasn’t locked into coaching. I would never encourage my community to invest in their business if I wasn’t investing in mine and seen results from it

so with all that being said let’s breakdown $83,000 in investments 

up until july I had purchased a few courses that were $2000+ but that’s about it in terms of investments. In july I invested $4500 for 3 months of coaching aug-oct. then in oct I invested $16,000 for 3 months of coaching with a different coach nov-jan. in december i decided to go all in with that coach and invested $48,000 for a whole year of coaching. so I am currently locked in to 1:1 coaching until february of 2024. 

then in january of this year a random opportunity came up to be a part of a mastermind with several other very powerful women so I dived into that which was a $15,000 investment for 4 months in the mastermind. I wasn’t looking for something else to invest in or join but it was perfect 

but the point of this episode isn’t to flex on my investments, it’s to bring transparency around money and what i’ve done to get to this level

so why do I invest in myself and my business especially in 1:1 and masterminds?

1- when it comes to 1:1 coaching its nice not to be alone because entrepreneurship is lonely and to be able to chat with someone about what’s going on and to celebrate wins with and navigate hardships with someone. i don’t think that as human beings we should have to do things alone 

2- when I invest in myself and business long term it helps me to make more long term decisions in my business and have a more long term vision. if i’m in this for the long run why would I not make long term investments 

3- I want to surround myself with people who push me to be my best self and masterminds are one of the best places to do that. they are expansive and I have learned SO SO SO much 

4- investments in 1:1 and masterminds help me to better serve my people and the knowledge that I learn help me to be a better coach and teacher 

5- i don’t have to dig through a program or course to find what I need, I can get almost immediate feedback on what I am needing help with and it’s personalized to me. saves me time, it’s more valuable and most times the coach or other people in the mastermind will share their personal experience that they gained after a success or failure so I can learn from that and use those lessons to guide me

how do I navigate making big investments?

1- I ask myself if the investment is a fear like a bad fear and your body is telling you NOPE or an expansive fear where you’re like yep I feel like this is the next step for me even though it feels scary

2- I also think about my business long term and if this is something that makes sense for my business long term

How do I choose who to invest in?

I am not against or above discovery calls but I personally didn’t hop on a discovery call or even have a conversation with the two people I invested the most money in in my business ($15k and $64k). I am NOT saying that you can’t ask questions or look into the person before investing so please don’t take that the wrong way— discernment. I am just sharing HOW I choose who to invest in

So how do I decide to invest if I don’t chat with them— I look at a few things: 

  1. The content on their feed specifically quality, the messaging, the topics, the branding, the depth of knowledge shared
  2. Next I look at highlights for client/customer testimonials or wins and if they are legit and the timeframe of the results 
  3. Then I usually look for the persons story and their successes + their hobbies, their vibe

At the end of the day, everyone’s process when it comes to investing is perfect and the right way (cuz there is no wrong way)

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to making big investments is doing them with a long term mindset and really asking yourself if the investment is expansive or a negative fear

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks episode and I’ll chat with you in the next

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