learn how to build + price 5 different offers

I'm in, let's do it!

Step 1: Learn the foundations for creating an offer

Are you ready to create offers that help you build the business of your dreams?

The global e-learning market was worth $215 billion in 2021. By 2030, it is estimated to reach $645 billion.

If you want a piece of the pie (I know I do), this course is your in! What you learn inside of The Online Blueprint won't just serve you now, but for years to come as you create offers that serve your community and bring in $$$

Step 2: Learn how to structure each offer, tools to use, and how to record content

Step 3: Ask questions & start creating your own offer + make $$

Here's the basic breakdown

Real talk: a bunch of ideas sitting in your notes won't make you any $$$. You need to create an offer that you can sell

it's time to get creating!

That's why The Online Blueprint is the perfect offer for you.

This course will walk you through how to package your knowledge by creating e-products, 1:1 coaching, a membership, courses, and programs

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The Online Blueprint love

"Seriously, the most amazing training for a service-based business. I am just about to hit the 1 year mark for my business and I wish I had this training before I even launched. The way Mya walked through all the material was so easy to follow and provided us with so much great information. I feel so much more confident in creating my offers and have finally launched my own eproduct. Without the push, I definitely would have kept putting it off!

I highly recommend signing up for the next program if you're ready to scale your business and build up your offer suite!"

- Alyssa DeSena, @dr.alyssadesena

TOB is for you if...

  • you are a service-based business or coach
  • you are ready to take your ideas and turn them into offers that you can sell
  • you are wanting to monetize your social media presence
  • you have created 1-2 offers
  • you want to learn how to optimize your offers
  • you want to serve your community on a deeper level

TOB isn't for you if...

  • you are a product-based business owners
  • you are a service-based business owners who have already set up or create 1:1 coaching, a course, a membership, and e-products
  • you are wanting to learn how to launch an offer
  • you are wanting to learn how to sell an offer

Why choose The Online Blueprint??

In order to learn about these offers you would have to purchase a course or coaching for each. Quality trainings on each of these 5 offers (plus the bonus masterclass training) would cost you $6-10k but you’re getting this for $1297. This is a 5 in 1 program + the masterclass bonus which makes it 6 in 1

Because don’t have to buy 5 different offers to figure out how to create these offers— this saves you time and money

This program isn’t filled with fluff that will waste your time or money. You will learn the most important things you need to know and do to create successful offers & be challenged to take action and actually create them

well there are many reasons but here's my top 3 favs...

The Online Blueprint is a comprehensive 7-unit course for service-based businesses who want to learn how to create offers that will help them build the business of their dreams. This course is more than just "here, create it", this course will teach you how to create offers strategically based on your goals, your community, and the information you are wanting to share

the online blueprint

Trainings Inside:

You'll get access instant access to over 8+ hours of trainings!

I'm in!!!!

Membership training
course training
e-product training
1:1 coaching training
program training
pricing your offers
naming your offer
pif vs payment plans
setting up a fb group
cross selling & Upselling
creating cover photos for your offers
learning types
sop for failed payments
offer suite
how to come up with offer ideas
Bonus: masterclass training
+ more!!

What students are saying about TOB...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online blueprint helpful if i've already created an offer?

If you've created 1 or 2 offers this program would still be extremely beneficial. Not only will you learn how to create offers, but you'll also learn how to price and name and create offers in a way that allows you to scale your business. Plus you will also learn how to improve the offers you've already created.

is this best for new business owners?

Yes! I wish I had this program when I first started my business. It's an all-in-one offer when it comes to offer creation. If you were to purchase a high-quality course to learn how to create all of these offers individually it will be well over $4,000+. You get it all for under $2,000. This information is FOUNDATIONAL for your business and will change how you show up in your business now and for years to come. 

Is this a live training?

This is a replay of a live training. You will get access to the recordings of the live trainings that have taken place. That being said you can still ask questions & get feedback on offer creation using the comment section under each video (I actually HIGHLY encourage you to ask questions to get the most out of The Online Blueprint

WHy is the online blueprint Unique?

I created this offer because I was getting questions about when I was creating a course on how to create courses. I kept pushing it aside because I took a course on creating courses and had a bad experience didn't want to create an offer that gave students the same experience. I wanted to create something different, something that covered more than just one type of offer, something unique, something that wasn't filled with fluff which is how The Online Blueprint was born. TOB doesn't tell you exactly what you should put into your offers because at the end of the day, you are the expert in your niche and you know your community best but I do help guide you structuring, pricing, naming, coming up with ideas, and setting up your offers.

does this cover how to launch and sell the offer??

No, The Online Blueprint only covers offer creation. See The Launch Bundle for learning how to launch. See Stories That Sell for learning how to sell.

Will you tell me exactly what trainings to put inside each offer?

Inside The Online Blueprint there are several trainings that will help you come up with ideas for your offer and content to put inside and I give many examples for each offer type. That being said, I do not tell you exactly what to put inside of each offer because that is different for every person, business, and niche. Inside the trainings I do share what I recommend in terms of content quantity and which type of offer is best for certain information.

The Online Blueprint love

"This program made so much possible for me and I finally feel like I really have a business that will help me live the life I want to live.

It was fun, interesting, very well constructed and designed, super helpful and most of all inspiring. 
I can't believe all the information that Mya provided, all the support, input and help! 

I highly recommend The Online Blueprint if you want to create a service based business that is successful AND fun. "

- Heide, @kunstundbrot_


Hi! I'm Mya Nichol!

In the last year and a half, I have made over $1 million in revenue by creating different offers.

A few months ago I was getting DMs on a weekly basis asking me to create a course on creating courses. While I didn't do that, I did create something even better... The Online Blueprint!

This offer is more than just a course on how to create offers, the trainings include my own personal experience with creating offers & lessons I've learned along the way. Not only do I have the revenue to prove it, I also have the offers too. I have created of 20 different offers and have several offers that have brought in multi-6 figures on their own.

Offer creation is one of my most favorite topics and I am so excited for you to dive into The Online Blueprint and learn how to create offers with me!

- $1 million in revenue in 1.5 years
- over different 20 offers created
- 155 students inside the online blueprint

I'm here to help you turn your ideas into offers

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Two ways to join The Online Blueprint

tap on the graphic to open up the web page for each offer

Offers created by past TOB Students:

tap on the graphic to open up the web page for each offer

Offers created by past TOB Students:

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