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Sage Wheeler

Reel Talk has changed the way I look at growing my business on Instagram. It’s given me the confidence I need to create great content for reels and reach my audience that I didn’t know how to reach before.

I would definitely recommend Reel Talk to anyone and everyone trying to grow their business through Instagram! It’s concise, accurate, and easy to apply to your niche!


Kaitlyn F.

I joined IGU right when I was starting to transition my account to focus on health, fitness, and encouragement. This was PERFECT timing for me, as Mya truly teaches you how to start from scratch with IGU. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know, and I have learned so so much from this course! I just recently joined IGU, so I am only scratching the surface of all of Mya’s knowledge. I can’t wait to learn more, and see how IGU helps me develop the best strategy to grow my Instagram!


Veronika B.

Reel Talk is a game changer! I started a new Instagram account (0 followers) and have already reached 13.1k accounts in the first month from my reels. 

Reel talk is organized, thorough, and well-presented! Mya is so easy to learn from.

Reel talk is for anyone looking to step up their short form video game, which is the future of social media.



IGU has been a huge sigh of relief for me! As a content creator, I was overwhelmed trying to piece together a bunch of random information from YouTube and Instagram. Mya has created a membership that is easy to consume and implement! Her knowledge has helped me push out more content with LESS stress and is helping me convert profile visits to followers. It has been a great investment! 


Jasmine G.

I am two months in to IGU on the monthly payment plan and so far I'm very impressed. Every topic is organized and in-depth with multiple how to-s and breakdowns. I love that you get the 'Reel Talk' as well since Instagram is very heavily reel based these days. Mya takes the time to answer hot button questions and consistently updates IGU to keep up with Insta's constantly changing fads. 


Charlie + Michael

We did your reels course when we were at about 8k. Now we're growing 500+ per day - 13k in 1 month. Best thing we ever did for our IG



MYA I have to update you!!! I think i started following you back in October and one of the first things I did was bought your IG guide & reels course. and I literally read everything you post lol. I'm seeing wild results and just had to share them with you- I'm so grateful i found your page!!! (> 6 thank you so so so much for all of your help!!!!



Hi Mya, I've encountered enormous growth on IG recently! Thank you for all your free tips and for reel talk and IGU, which I both purchased; they are such a tremendous help! I grew by 17K in the last 3.5 weeks



I just started in IGU and have already found so much value from the thoughtful way information is presented, the Facebook group and the live coaching calls! I love that new content is always being added and that Mya freely shares the tools and ways she runs her own business.



Huge help in getting more structured and strategic in my approach to using IG to grow my business. I totally wasn’t even expecting this when I signed up, but the community connections have been incredible, from moral support to the chance to support other growing businesses. 



The best $47 I have EVER spent. This program is a game changer. Mya provides practical tools and information pretty much guaranteeing our success. Mya is supportive, helpful, involved and a true leader that produces results. If you are looking for one thing to align and support with your goals - THIS IS IT.  Most programs spend time talking about what you can do. Mya spends time showing you how to produce results. She is a balance of hopeful and skillful. Meaning that it’s clear you need to do the work but she understands the mental hurdles of execution not just the ideal ways to make things happen or the unrealistic practices that provide temporary results.


Nichole Kelly

I have only been with IGU for 1 week and it is exactly what I’d been searching for. I have always wanted to join a social media course but could never afford it. This is so affordable and easy to use! My insights are already improving from what I’ve studied so far in IGU. The portal is fantastic and I have already recommended it to a few business friends! 


Alicia Rein

WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN GOLD to have Mya's expertise, all the overdelivery on up to date training she shares and a community that's engaged, supportive and SUPER helpful in growing your engagement!


Sarah A

I was on the fence about purchasing a program like Reel Talk, but I’m glad I did! Even though I knew a lot about IG before taking this course, there were still plenty of modules that opened my eyes to things I wasn’t seeing or doing on my account. The content covered here also goes way beyond reels, and I’ve learned so much I can apply to all content types. I’ve even revisited Reel Talk several times to rewatch specific trainings and apply them to my account. Mya is knowledgeable, relatable, organized, and creative, and taking her course really got the wheels turning for me.


Kimberly Fiock

As a science communicator, I wasn’t sure I would fit in with the kind of people Reel Talk was designed for (eg. businesses, influencers). My goal with my account is to share my love of science with others, and in order to do that, I needed help with reach. To my delight, Reel Talk was PERFECT for me! I’ve learned so much about capturing my audience’s attention, tricks for optimizing my reach, and have genuinely enjoyed making content again. In all honesty, Reel Talk has made me a better science communicator, which is a skill that will transcend beyond Instagram.


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