Everything from strategy, to hooks, batching reels, planning content & more!

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You're not alone if you're...

-Struggling to grow on Instagram

-Spending WAY too much time on feed posts & -formulating the perfect engagement and hashtag strategy only to be frustrated with the lack of results

-Overwhelmed trying to keep up with and incorporate all the new features into your content strategy

-Interested in trying Reels but not sure where or how to get started

-Understanding the ropes of how to create reels but can't seem to get consistent views

-Viewers aren't turning into followers

-Confused on how to create a strategy for reels

What if there was a solution?

i'm ready to jump in

This course will help you..

-Grow your following

-Create a reels strategy that helps you see REAL results without spending hours on Instagram

-Learn how to batch your content to save time and -minimize overwhelm

-Create reels that STAND-OUT and speak to your ideal follower

-Convert viewers into followers
Master transitions to create eye-catching content

-Learn how to readjust your strategy when views are low

-Keep up with trends and new features

Reel talk love

"We did your reels course when we were at about 8k. Now we're growing 500+ per day - 13k in 1 month. Best thing we ever did for our IG"

- michael & charlie, @husbands.thattravel

Sneak Peek Inside

"You have by far provided the most valuable content for me understanding REELS and how to grow my IG. I am taking your REELS course right now, I'm a Nurse Practitioner in your county actually - and your tip to add a location to the REELS is one reason I think I found you on IG."

- Alyssa, @alyssafnp

You know you want grow your Instagram using reels, but you have so many questions:

How can *I* create reels that help me grow on Instagram without knowing the first bit about tech and where to get started?

How can I create eye-catching content that draws people in and helps me stand out from the crowd?

I only have X amount of followers, is it actually possible for reels to help me grow my account?

Did I miss the chance to utilize reels to grow my Instagram account? Are reels too saturated now?

I am getting some views but none of my reels are consistent. How can I have more consistent views? How do I build a reel strategy?

OK – take a deep breath. These questions are exactly why I created:


Reel Talk is a comprehensive 10-unit course for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build an online presence on Instagram organically and quickly so they can earn more revenue and make a bigger impact with their business, without the confusion and overwhelm that often comes with Instagram growth

one time payment of $247usd

reel talk


Once a year (January) this course is updated so you get the most relevant information about Reels


Get access to over 20+ pre-recorded trainings that run your through the in's and out's of Reels


Use the FB page to network with other business owners! Collaborate, learn, and grow!

Easy access

Use the Kajabi app to take these trainings on the go wherever you are!


Is this for beginner or more ADVANCED instagram users?

This course is laid out in a way that will benefit learners at every level. From basic tutorials to more in-depth info on strategies to use reels to grow your Instagram

are there live trainings or opportunity to ask questions?

There are no live calls but you can ask questions under the training videos in the course (in the comments). Mya is not active in the FB group but you can use that group to network and get questions answered by other students. If you are wanting access to monthly live Q&A's, I recommend joining IG University.

if this course doesn't work for me, can i get a refund?

I am confident that this course will work for you as long as you are willing to take action and implement what you learn in each training! No refunds!

Hey you, I hear you!

You want to create a reels that ACTUALLY help you hit your goals while spending less time creating them. You want to help people and change lives, while growing your following AND your business.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Reels are one of the BEST ways to grow your Instagram following and they are the key to scaling your business to 6-figures and beyond.

By implementing the strategic framework that I provide in Reel Talk, you’ll be able to increase your following and see greater sales in your business.

You became a business owner, entrepreneur, or coach to help people, not to spend hours trying to figure out reels and seeing no results. It’s time to create reels that help you hit your goals, turn viewers into followers, and bring in consistent results.

I'm in! Let's do this!

Reel talk love

"I used to get 3k-4k reel views. Look what's happening right now... Whatever I post, just goes viral!"

- Ceren, @cerensagtekin

Ceren went from averaging 3k-4k views per reel to 100k+ to 2 million+! And she has grown 100k in 4 months

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